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Trullo Solari Holidays

Sunday, August 4th, 2013

Trullo Solari Holidays

I admit it. It's hard not too. The holidays that we run at Trullo Solari - in addition to the self-catering holidays - are all directly based on what I'd like to do. There, I've said it.

The first individual holidays that we offered were yoga holidays. "Yay, I can do yoga every day!".... "no, you can run yourself ragged catering for lovely yogis after their relaxing sessions :)"

Undeterred, we dreamt up Gourmet Puglia. Stemming from our desire to share the best culinary experiences that Puglia has to offer, we put together our dream itinerary for the Gourmet Puglia Tour. Picking weeds with farmers who know their dandelion from their thistle, hunting for truffles (with dogs like Mutty!), eating seafood on the shore, seeing mozzerella being made, tasting the finest wines and eating at the best restaurants. Or cookery school with the fabulous Joe Hunt. And even if I am too busy doing the organising and bossing and translating at the time, I'm already enjoying paying these wonderful people pre-visits, making sure that the wine is good enough to share and checking that our favourite restaurants are still up to scratch! And maybe we'll learn how to train Mutty to find truffles.

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