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Preserving Aubergines

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

Taking a stroll after yet another excessive seaside lunch yesterday, we passed some people working at the next restaurant processing piles of aubergines. Six years ago when we first arrived in Puglia, like most English and many other nationalities, we would have walked past, determined not to be seen looking, but dying of curiosity to know what they were doing. Inhibited by language barriers, shyness and a cultural inhibition to make contact with strangers we would march on by. And if our eyes did meet we would be shocked and disturbed at how casually they stared at us.

Now, thankfully, we march up to them and poke our noses. And our curiosity is duly rewarded with warm… view more »

Zero Food Miles

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Inspired by Hugh FW's Fish Fight, I just spent 5 euro on a jar of locally caught, artisan-preserved tuna in olive oil. Tuna will no longer be a standby, but a luxury item. But it got me reflecting, once again, how great it is hear to have access to this kind of food in Puglia, to be able to make those choices.

We try to grow our own fruit and veg, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. (We're still learning!) But when it doesn't, or when we fancy something different, the Saturday market in Ostuni is full of fresh, beautiful, seasonal produce. There is a 400 metre stretch of stalls, from the "muddy" end, which… view more »

Ostuni Seafood

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Having just launchIl Principe del Mareed our new gourmet tour website, we felt we should up our research and go out for lunch. We've long known about the stretch of restaurants 'huts' between Torre Canne and Savelletri that were once shacks selling ricci (sea urchins) to visiting Barese during the summer months but are now more structurally sopisticated and offer comprehensive seafood menus. You can now get chips with your fish.
But this week I read a review of one particular restaurant in the area, serving lobster and linguine, which is always a winner with us. Finally we found it, off the main road and right on the beach.

Il Principe del Mare, The Prince of the Sea, remains true to… view more »

Burrata… mmmmm….

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Eating burrata here in Puglia is easy - all too easy. And this video makes it look pretty easy to make too! That's what decades of practice does for you.... view more »


Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

There is so much that is wonderful about the food that it's hard to know where to start - and even more, where to stop! I'm always amazed at how many ways the locals can cook the same ingredients to produce dishes that are always interesting and varied. Take the aubergine; for a start they grow the beautiful dark purple ones here which we are used to seeing, but also bright violet and white ones. And when there is a glut of them through the summer the local housewives and chefs will pickle them, preserve them under oil, make pasta sauces, stuff them, all manners of antipasta dishes, Parmigiana of course (although this is really a Northern… view more »

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