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Preserved Aubergines ~ Melanzane Sott'olio

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

This is the recipe that we learned from talking to a family as they preserved 200kg of aubergine for their restaurant. You can read the story on our blog page. Scale the recipe down to suit your needs!

First, peel the aubergines. (In their case, 200kg.)
Then slice all of the aubergines lengthways into 3mm slices - best to use a mandolin. Especially if you're working 200kg...
Layer the aubergines in large jars with coarse salt, slices of garlic and fresh mint leaves. When you get to the top of the jar squeeze as much of the aubergine liquid out as possible.
Cover the aubergines with brine, weighing them down to keep them submerged.
After 24 hours, drain the brine off and replace with vinegar. Weigh down again.
After another 12 hours, drain and squeeze off the vinegar and cover with olive oil.
Store for at least a month before eating. They should be good for up to a year. They assured me that there was no cooking involved, but I would be tempted to pasteurise / can them at this stage.
200kg will keep your restaurant in aubergine antipasta for 12 months.